Saturday, November 22, 2014

Update on Dermatology Visits

This sun bathing is not good!!
(and neither was that perm!!!)

When my husband Jack was alive, we had a house down in FL.  
It was on Anna Maria Is. on the Gulf, just across the street from the water!
I sold it after Jack died about 7-8 years ago.
We went down there sometimes a month at a time and back then, it was thought that it was really good looking to have a dark tan.
We were either on the beach or on the boat. IN THE SUN!
Now days, I look at people strangely that are really tan!!
It's not "in" anymore.
Mainly because of the education on the sun and skin cancer.
You never heard about that back when I was young!!
We slathered on oil to fry even darker!
I think the worst sunburn I ever had however was when I was in my early 30's and my two girl friends and I went to the Bahamas!
It was after my divorce from my first husband and was actually my first time flying!
Anyway, it was a short vacation package so we thought we had to get as tanned as we could in a very short time.
I looked like a boiled lobster!!
I could barely stand to wear clothes.
It was not attractive!
I learned a lot from that however!
But still didn't stay out of the sun, I just didn't use oil!
The real sun damage to you skin comes years later.
It starts showing up as just age spots, if you're lucky, or as skin cancer.
I, of course should have gone to the dermatologist a long time ago but waited till I thought I really could have a problem!!
And yes, all the "things" they removed and biopsied were either basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma.
Now more follow up treatments have to be done.
So, just saying, if your one who liked to tan or you see anything weird on your skin, go get a yearly dermatology exam.
I know, it's easy to just ignore, but don't be like me!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Anxiety and Aging

Until recently, it was thought that anxiety decreased with age.  However, mental health experts are altering their views.  
Aging brings added stress and anxiety because of increasing health problems, loses of loved ones, and other major life changes that build up as you get older.
The smallest things or thoughts can start anxiety and worry; sometimes, just life in general.

I know, my life has changed considerably.  I used to hardly worry at all.  
I had children and was working in a high stress job in the ER as a nurse never knowing what there was coming though the ER doors, you'd think those things would cause more anxiety and worry.
My mother, worried a lot, even when she was younger.
My anxiety and worry has definitely gotten worse in the past few years.
And with glitches in my health, my anxiety has sometimes hit the roof!

There's a lot of fears that are related to aging.  Fears of instability and falling causing debilitating injury.  Fears related to money issues, being victimized, being dependent on others and just feeling alone are a few.
If you are younger, there is no way you can fully understand these feelings.
You can't just stop worrying or stop being anxious.
I'm truly blessed and am so much more fortunate than some but still I have these anxieties.  Feeling on edge most of the time is not pleasant.
I've recently read up on Generalized Anxiety Disorder.(GAD)
Everyone feels these things once in awhile.
If you have 3-4 of these symptoms that last over 6 months, it could be GAD.
•Impaired sleep
•Problems concentrating
•Problems with memory and attention
•Muscle tension

All these can lead to limiting your daily activities and social interactions.
Increased isolation.
Losing interest in hobbies and pleasurable pastimes.
Reluctance to leave home.
Loss of self worth.

This all sounds "depressing", right!
I'm looking into ways to get more involved outside the home.
There's also treatments for GAD that don't involve medications.
There's a lot of good articles on line.
I'm going to read up on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
and maybe see a therapist.

I don't want to end up being a hermit in my house with my dogs, my cats and my chickens!!!
Let me hear from anyone having similar problems.
I know you're out there.
Us oldsters have to stick together!!!

Here are just a few of the links to go to for more information:

There's many more if you Google "Anxiety with aging" or something similar.



Thursday, November 13, 2014

That Scary Word

I went to the dermatology doctor again today to get results on the "thing" I had removed from my scalp last week.
Unfortunately it was basal cell carcinoma.
Now I will have to see the surgeon and have more tissue removed till they get clear edges.
It will be done under a local anesthetic on Dec. 1st.
I'm hoping that it doesn't involve shaving too much of my hair!!
I need it.
It's winter!!!
The Trillium Center is quite a place.  You can look it up on FB or their webpage.

I also had a complete dermatology body exam today.
That is interesting!
The doctor looks at every inch of your body that has skin on it with his big magnifying glasses!
I had 3 more things removed today!
I'm at the age that back when we were younger, we sun-bathed!
I laid out on the beach with oil on!!  Just frying and getting as tan as I could.
That was before all the sun precautions that there are now.
I have a lot of sun damage.
All those age spots . . . . Yep, gifts of the sun!
Time to pay up I guess!


Sunday, November 9, 2014


It seems as I age, I am becoming more and more inflexible.
It doesn't really bother me but it seems to irritate other people!
I realize that being somewhat inflexible has made my world a little smaller than it used to be.
That doesn't really bother me either!
I'm comfortable here.
It doesn't mean that I'm not doing things and moving around a lot.  I don't just sit and watch TV!  In fact, I watch very little TV.  I seem to find things around the house or running errands that keep me quite busy!
I don't really want to travel anymore.
Since I've been posting "Parts of My Life" on face book's Throwback Thursdays, even I am amazed at the things I've done and the places I've been!

I do seem to have to plan things more now however.

I'm not one to just pick up at the drop of a hat and go somewhere out of my comfort zone unless I plan for it at least a couple days beforehand!!
My plans for the day are written in my datebook and on the calendar on my iPhone.
My comfort zones consist of going to town and to the barn.
I know that does sound small but I do go other places too, but there's rules.
I have to plan ahead of time, I like to get started before noon and get back home before dark!
Boy, that does sound "old"!
Well, I have my dog to feed and my chickens to put away after-all!!!
Of course, unexpected things happen in life and we all have to adjust but, I'm saying, it's harder now than it used to be.


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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Imagination Running Wild

My imagination is so strong.
And it usually isn't imaging the best senario for things!!
Why is that??
Am I that negative??

Well, here's the most recent one.
I've had a growth on my scalp, under my hair for years.  Like it started at least 6-7 years ago.
This past year it has grown in size significantly and become painful.
My hair covered it, so it was easy to keep a secret.  Only my hairdresser had seen it!!
Why did I keep it a secret?  Well, because I was afraid it was something awful and I kept putting off showing the doctor.
I know he would've yelled at me for not showing him sooner.
I just avoided the whole thing and buried my head!
Dumb?  Yes!
Especially when you're a nurse!
Well, I finally admitted to myself that something had to be done.
I imagined that it was cancer and had probably invaded the skull, now giving me bone and brain cancer!
That's what imagination can do for you!!

I stressed so much about the appointment that was scheduled for today that I got a cold sore.
Stress induced!

I signed into the Dermatology clinic at 10:30am.
Saw the doctor who said,
"Oh, we'll just take that off right here and now."
He's pretty sure it is benign and it was removed with a local anesthetic in about 3 minutes!!!
Years of worry!!!
Fixed in 3 minutes.
No I don't have a picture of it because it was really horrible looking.
But it's all gone.
I go back next week for a whole Derm exam because I have moles and age spots and all those great aging things!
There's a lesson here somewhere!!!!!!