Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Aging . . . Sometimes seems like a cruel joke!!

When I was in my 60's I was in complete denial of my aging progress!
That's easy to do when you are feeling great and don't really have any health issues that make you feel sick.
However, all it took was a few bouts of problems that put me into the hospital at least 4 times and a couple surgeries that made me have to admit that maybe this aging thing was for real!!
I mean, problems and surgeries can happen at any age but I think it was the time it took to recover and gain some of my strength back that made me accept that possibly I was a senior, an elder,
 an old person??

I began to notice other things too.
I'm not able to lift 40 lbs. any longer.
I'll confess now, I can't even lift my western saddle up onto my horse!
I have aches and pains all over, not only my back and shoulder!
New age spots seem to be appearing daily.
And what is happening to my face!

Food that I used to eat with no problem, seems to have turned against me!
Lack of contact with people bothers me more.
Social media has become more important to me.
(Especially Periscope and Facebook live!)
I am talking to my dog and other animals much more!
Maybe to even myself!
Hmmmmm . . . . .
Then there's the memory thing.
Losing things that you had in your hand 10 minutes ago!
So far, in this house, I have lost:  
A brand new full croquet set, 
My Spiralizer for making zucchini noodles, 
My blood pressure cuff,
And, I swear to God, I forgot the 4th thing just now!
To continue with the no memory thing . . . 
Going upstairs or downstairs only have to do it again because you forgot what you went there for.
Forgetting words when you're trying to hold a half-way intelligent conversation.
That one really bothers me and makes me feel like a nit-wit!!
They call these the "golden years"??!!!
That can't be right!

Well . . . there's funny things too.
Hunting for my cell phone while I'm actually talking on it.
Getting into the shower with my glasses on.
The other night I was getting undressed, trying to take off a snug sweater and long under-ware top at the same time and I got it stuck over my head.  I couldn't pull it off because of my bad shoulder and it all of a sudden struck me as so funny.
I was laughing hysterically all my myself in the bathroom!
Yes, I finally got it off!

I walk slower, I fumble with my hands more and worry is sometimes out of control.
When one thing seems to be getting better, here comes another problem.
My best hope is that I've had my 2 years of health issues and now things will be getting better.
I am regaining some strength back and I think if I get back to the Silver Sneakers exercise classes at the Rec. Center, it will help.
I've actually gotten back to riding my horses a few times and hope that I can do that a lot more since the weather is getting warmer.
Or is this more like it??

Something to ponder . . .