Monday, May 9, 2016

Dumb Accident, . . . aren't they all!

Yep, that's me in the ER, about 2 1/2 weeks ago!
I tripped over a crack in the garage and fell directly onto my right knee on the cement.
@$*^#^% OUCH!! %$#%#(*&@

I couldn't move.  
Went to the hospital in an ambulance.  
I was positive, POSITIVE it was displaced or broken.
But thanks be to God, there are no fractures in the knee or tibia.
It was the most painful injury I've ever had!
I really thought my summer had been destroyed in a matter of a split second!

I was taken home by a transfer van where I could lay on a cart and be brought into the house on a cart.  They wheeled me to the couch and there I was!
Now what!!!???
I had a knee immobilizer on and a walker!
On my own!
Me and my dog!
Well, my wonderful neighbor, across the street called immediately and came over.
She put my chickens away for the night and fed the barn cats.
She also came everyday for 3 days to feed the cats and tend the chickens, morning and night.
She told me that 2 years ago she had a similar fall hurting her knee so she knew about the pain the feeling of helplessness!
Those next 3 days, I figured out how to maneuver between the couch and the kitchen with the cumbersome walker.  
Oh yes, and the bathroom which was up two steps into the main part of the house!
I have to confess that during those first few days, I swore with the most and the worse swear words I've ever used !! 
When Monday came (the 3rd day) and my baby chicks were due to be delivered to the post office, my pet-care/dog walker girl came and drove me there to get them.
Thank goodness I had set up everything days before "the accident".
I discarded the walker after that and used what ever was available to limp around with the immobilizer on.
I figured out ways to get upstairs and to the basement and out to the chickens.
(I decided I have a lot of my Grandma Wickersham in me!)
It took me about 2 weeks to be able to bend my knee enough to get into the car.
(Driving was no big deal as I break with my left foot.)
I missed a whole week at the chiropractor and my back was now killing me also.
My knee was slowly feeling less painful and I was able to do more and more.
I was beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

It's been nearly 3 weeks now.  
I am truly amazed that I am able to walk around and move without much pain already 
and look almost normal!
I've been to the grocery store and to Walmart!!
The body certainly does heal itself when given a chance.
So, my summer isn't ruined after-all.
I've even planted half of my vegetable garden.


(P.S.  "Guard you knees, they're very important!")

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Aging . . . Sometimes seems like a cruel joke!!

When I was in my 60's I was in complete denial of my aging progress!
That's easy to do when you are feeling great and don't really have any health issues that make you feel sick.
However, all it took was a few bouts of problems that put me into the hospital at least 4 times and a couple surgeries that made me have to admit that maybe this aging thing was for real!!
I mean, problems and surgeries can happen at any age but I think it was the time it took to recover and gain some of my strength back that made me accept that possibly I was a senior, an elder,
 an old person??

I began to notice other things too.
I'm not able to lift 40 lbs. any longer.
I'll confess now, I can't even lift my western saddle up onto my horse!
I have aches and pains all over, not only my back and shoulder!
New age spots seem to be appearing daily.
And what is happening to my face!

Food that I used to eat with no problem, seems to have turned against me!
Lack of contact with people bothers me more.
Social media has become more important to me.
(Especially Periscope and Facebook live!)
I am talking to my dog and other animals much more!
Maybe to even myself!
Hmmmmm . . . . .
Then there's the memory thing.
Losing things that you had in your hand 10 minutes ago!
So far, in this house, I have lost:  
A brand new full croquet set, 
My Spiralizer for making zucchini noodles, 
My blood pressure cuff,
And, I swear to God, I forgot the 4th thing just now!
To continue with the no memory thing . . . 
Going upstairs or downstairs only have to do it again because you forgot what you went there for.
Forgetting words when you're trying to hold a half-way intelligent conversation.
That one really bothers me and makes me feel like a nit-wit!!
They call these the "golden years"??!!!
That can't be right!

Well . . . there's funny things too.
Hunting for my cell phone while I'm actually talking on it.
Getting into the shower with my glasses on.
The other night I was getting undressed, trying to take off a snug sweater and long under-ware top at the same time and I got it stuck over my head.  I couldn't pull it off because of my bad shoulder and it all of a sudden struck me as so funny.
I was laughing hysterically all my myself in the bathroom!
Yes, I finally got it off!

I walk slower, I fumble with my hands more and worry is sometimes out of control.
When one thing seems to be getting better, here comes another problem.
My best hope is that I've had my 2 years of health issues and now things will be getting better.
I am regaining some strength back and I think if I get back to the Silver Sneakers exercise classes at the Rec. Center, it will help.
I've actually gotten back to riding my horses a few times and hope that I can do that a lot more since the weather is getting warmer.
Or is this more like it??

Something to ponder . . .


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wow, Long Time No See!!

True I haven't written on either one of my blogs for a long time, till today.
I'm sure I lost all my followers but, you know, things happen.
"It's Always Something"!!!

Today it's like zero degrees out and will be for the next couple days so I'm holding up in the house.
Of course I have to do my cat and chicken care out in the "barn", but no going off the acre!!

I've had a year (or more) of belly and digestive issues.  
Numerous stints in the hospital and every test in the book.
Have they solved my problem?
I did find out my gallbladder is only functioning at 27%.
But my symptoms were never really typical GB symptoms.
So NO surgeon, you can't yank out my GB!!

So, enough of that!
I found a new social media platform that I really like.  
It's Periscope!!
And I'm fairly active on there.
I try to "scope" a few times a week.  I don't have many followers but it's fun and my sister always watches the replays if she doesn't catch it "live"
Yes, "Live broadcasting"!!
Periscope is owned by Twitter, so if you have Twitter, download the Periscope app.  It's free.
Of course, like them all, it's very addicting!

My name on there is the same as on Twitter,

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Searching For Words

I know I wrote about this before but it is really bothering me lately.
One of the top three really bothersome things about aging is the problem thinking of words when you are trying to talk.
Those of you that have reached this age of perceived dumbness know exactly what I'm talking about.
If your younger and don't have any idea what this is like, count your blessings and keep using your words as much as you can.
It's hard to explain to someone that doesn't know . . . the words are there, but just a little out of your mind's reach.  The harder you try to think of the right word, the further it goes away.
Then when you're least expecting it, the word that you trying to think of an hour ago just pops into your mind!!
Where was it when you needed it??
I have become very aware of this problem the past couple weeks as I try the new app online called Periscope.
It's live video broadcasting.  
People all over the world are involved.
It's fun and very addicting.
I have tried it a few times.  There is no editing yourself.  Your broadcast goes out on the air as you are talking and videoing with your phone.
If you don't know about what it is all about, just download the free app and watch.  
You don't have to broadcast, you can just watch.
The broadcast only stays on for 24 hours in the replay section, then it's gone.
Anyway, doing the few I have done, I see that I have better days than others.
Or maybe better times of day than others.
On the replay I can just see and feel myself searching for the right word I want to use.
It's painful!!
(I feel like shouting, "I used to be smart and articulate!")
Periscope is fascinating to me though and I'm stubborn enough to keep trying.
I'm thinking that maybe if I get more comfortable doing it, that it will be easier.
We'll see.
I really think not being with people and having to talk makes this word problem worse.
My mind can be constantly thinking, going a mile a minute but if you don't actually have to verbalize in sentences, you slowly lose that ability.
And the words go further away.
It's a frightening thought.
I'm not sure if word puzzles or those mind exercises that you can get online help with the actual speaking or not.
Can't hurt I guess.
I think maybe increasing my talking to myself and my dogs may help just as much!
It is just so frustrating.
I know other people have the same problem.
I've heard it when they're talking.
Is there any magic answer?


Friday, June 26, 2015

I wander when I walk!!

I weave when I walk!!
I can't walk in a straight line unless I have a cart!
I remember my mother telling us that.
Now it's me.
If you walk with me on my blind side, I'll most likely run you down!!
It's more noticeable when I walk slow.  When I walk fast, like on the track at the rec. center, I walk pretty straight.
I wonder why you wander when you get older??
I'm not wandering more right than left or I'm not weaker on one side.
Just wondering if anyone else has this problem?
I've tried to look it up on good old Google but can't really find any answers.

Wandering my way through life!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

My Shoulder, My Shoulder

Well, this morning my right shoulder when out or whatever it does. 
I've never really had a Dr. see it because it usually gets back into place on it's own if I just let it hang down.
But let me tell you when you move it wrong it's a horrible pain!!
It took me a half hour to get dressed this morning.
I know to "dress the affected arm first".
But it still took forever.
It isn't right yet and it's almost noon.
It's hard getting anything done here because it's my right arm and I'm not good at all with my left!
Of course you can hurt your shoulder at any age so I guess this isn't just about getting old.
It's making me appreciate the rehab that stroke patients have to go through!
Yep, It's Always Something!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's That Upper Respiratory Thing

Yes, I got it almost two weeks ago!
(Not the flu thank goodness)
Just the "common cold and cough"
All is finally getting better except the cough which I think will hang on for awhile.
I'm tired of being sick and tired!!
I was just about to do the pool thing at the rec. center when I got sick, so no fitness classes no nothin'!
Yes, I got a bathing suit!!
That's a whole other story : ))
I'm going to go out to the store for a few things today as I don't think I'm contagious as much anymore.
However the sound of my cough could probably clear an aisle at Walmart!
(I'll try my best not to cough when I'm there!)
Anyway, that is why it's been so long between posts.
I wasn't feeling like doing anything!!
I hadn't had a cold/cough for about 15 years before this one!!
Maybe I was just due.

Hope you guys stay well.