Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where Are My Words??

One of most maddening things about aging is forgetfulness!
Especially when it comes to words.
It can happen mid-sentence.
Sometimes, I swear, I must sound like a real dolt!
The harder you try to remember a word you want to use, the further back it goes.
Where DOES it go!!
Do I have early dementia, am I getting Alzheimer's!
Every senior that is forgetful asks themselves those questions!
I don't think so.
Or else everyone I know would have them.
I'm not worried about it but it sure is frustrating.
Just saying!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Observations at Panera

I had lunch at Panera this afternoon, as I do about once a week.
I sat next to a table where a "little old lady" was sitting with a slightly heavyset older man.  
He had a tee shirt on that said something about rehab.
I had been up at the coffee bar waiting for this little lady to get done putting her cream in her coffee.  Everything was in slow motion.  She was only about 5 foot tall and all bent over.
She walked slowly to her seat and the server brought their food.  She said something to the man about how nice the bread looked.  I didn't hear him respond.  They sat there and ate with not a word uttered between them the entire time.
That's what amazed me.
I'd steal glances over at them.
Her posture was all bent over when sitting also, with a Dowagers Hump, a sign of sever osteoporosis.
She concentrated on her food and finished everything.
I was surprised when he evidently told her he wanted a refill on his drink.
I had thought all this time that he was taking care of her.
She slowly got up and went to the counter and got him a refill.
When they were done eating, she gathered her things and took them to the clean-up area.  He then pushed his tray to her so she would clean his place up too.
I was just really surprised.
Not at all the way I thought it would be.
She shuffled so slowly but got it done.
However when they were ready to leave, he turned and pulled out a walker that had been out of sight on the other side between a couple chairs.
He opened it up, stood with some difficulty and using it, he shuffled out the door.  As she was getting up, she caught my eye and sort of shrugged.

I would've loved to sit and talk with her awhile but of course that wasn't possible and I would've never intruded.  She might have liked to have someone to talk too.

Strange and sometimes sad how life is.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Aging, Such a Joy!

Yes, of course, I'm thankful that I am aging instead of the alternative but "Oh, My", some days!!
I think I have been doing really well on watching and changing my diet though.
I have not had one huge spike in blood sugar the whole time I've been testing.
In fact, nothing really out of the ordinary!
I'll be anxious to see what my next A1c is next month.

OK . . . . The Aging thing!

I hope there's other seniors out there reading my blogs on-line and plodding along with me!
Please feel free to comment if anything looks familiar!
Or if you have any suggestions!

I finally let the color grow out of my hair!
After the bad winter I had with hospitalizations and surgeries, I thought, 
"What the heck am I coloring my hair blond for!
Nobody thinks I'm 30 or 40 anymore!
So I got it cut short and that took care of most of the color.
I'm pleased that it has come in nice and white.
I have colored my hair since I was 20!!
I didn't even know what stages of color my real hair went through!!
I still have 5 boxes of Clairol and L'oreal hair color upstairs.
I'd buy it when I had coupons or when it was on sale.
I guess I'll take them to GoodWill.  They are fairly new and still sealed.

Here I am with my son's two.  My grandkids.  They are 5 and 7.
I surprised everyone and actually went in their pool on Saturday!!
Of course, no bathing suit!!  NOOOOOOO!!!!
Just a tee shirt and clam diggers!

I got a pedometer for myself to see how many steps I take most days.  I was just curious and read it is good for your heart to do 10,000 steps a day.  Well, I haven't ever even reached over 7000, and that was only once.  It's usually around 5000.  Even on slow rainy days I make sure I'm over the 3000 step  "sedentary" mark by going to Target or someplace and walk around.
It helps me to have a basket to push so I don't weave all over.  I swear I can't walk straight anymore.  What is that!!!  I remember my mother used to say that.
OMG, I am my mother  : ))
(Bless her heart!)