Saturday, February 28, 2015

Most Recent Weird Medical Thing

Numbness and tingling in my face. Both sides.
Slight tingling in finger tips.
Mild intermittent sinus headache.
I had this for about a week off and on.
I finally thought, "Gosh I hope I'm not having a TIA!"  That thought made my BP shoot up and I because super anxious which didn't help at all!!!  I called my Dr.
He saw me the next morning.
In the meantime I realized that this first started after my last dental appointment.
The tooth she drilled was upper back and nerve roots near my sinus cavity.  Also, of course. I had lots of Lidocaine.
Well, the Dr. said no TIA (thank goodness!)
He thought it had to do with the dental work.
Of course, since then I've had no further symptoms.
I see my dentist again in 3 weeks.
I drive myself nuts!

Has anyone else out there had anything similar to this??


Monday, February 16, 2015

I Lived Through Another Dental appointment!

I had a follow up appoint this afternoon and another cavity DRILLED √√√√  !!!!!!!!!!
Wasn't tooooo bad although she had to give me some extra Novacaine!
I was an anxious wreck but lived through it.
Next appoint in 5 weeks!

Thanks Dr. Kerata!!


Monday, February 9, 2015

I Have Dentophobia!

It's true.
I've had it all my life.
Probably stems from terrible, non-kind dentists when I was little.

The kind of dentists that should have never had children as patients.
In fact, my sister bit one of them and wasn't allowed to return!!
Anyway, I have found a woman dentist in the past 10 years that is really nice and I must say she has never hurt me.

I still have a fear of dentistry!
Usually, a trip to the dentist, involves a bad toothache!!

Yes, I wait that long!
I'm Bad!
Well yesterday sometime, I lost a filling and got a toothache up into my sinuses.
So I made the call and went to the dentist's office this morning.
She fixed the tooth but I have to go back in a week and have the permanent filling put in and have another cavity fixed.
And she hasn't really examined and x-rayed my whole mouth yet.
This could go on and on till I go crazy or run out of money!!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Do Your Routines Rule You?

I think, as we age, our routines become ingrained in us.
I think they make us feel more secure, more comfortable with daily living.
Maybe we do it as to not forget things.
I know that if my morning routine is interrupted, I often forget important things, like forgetting to take my morning medications!
I sooner or later remember but sometimes it's after I have left the house.
Here's my morning routine.
Get up
Get totally dressed
Let the dogs out

Take fresh water to the barn cats and let the chickens out into their run.

Give the hens some scratch and meal worms.
Bring the dogs in and feed them.
Take cats wet food out to them and check for eggs from hens.
Come in and fix my breakfast.
Sit down, watch the news, check my emails.
Take my meds.

That's pretty much my standing routine.
It gets everything done that I need to do in the morning.
I mean, I'm not OCD about it but I feel better when I keep "the routine"!

I'm wondering if maybe as we age, it's better to switch up our routines.  I mean better for our minds.
What do you think?
It would make us use our brain a little more!
It seems my mind is being used plenty though, just trying it remember where things are and what I have scheduled for the day.  Of course I have a calendar and also everything is on my phone calendar so I get beeped an hour before any important appointments!

I really don't think I had real regimented routines when I was young.
Maybe that's why young people say that elders are "set in their ways". 
Is that the same as being in a rut?  I don't think so.
Daily routines certainly keep us from sitting in front of the TV all day and becoming increasingly depressed,
(That is if THAT isn't your routine!!)
I don't mind changes after I get those morning things done!
But I do better if I know about changes a couple days before hand and can put them in my schedule!
I've recently added more activity and exercising and have made a better sleep schedule.
It takes awhile to make new things a real habit but I'm working on it.
Sooooooo . . . .
Do you think routine is good or bad as you age?
Do you think it's helpful?


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again!

Yes, I think the Silver Sneakers thing is paying off.  
I am stronger from the more exercising.
My back is doing "OK" so I signed up for my first lesson on Echo in over a year!
Boy, it felt good to be back on my horse.
The next couple days I sure had sore inner thigh muscles but I expected that!
I'm going to take a lesson every week unless the weather is too bad.  
Michele is getting back to the barn to and working with her favorite, Vinnie.

I just have to take it slow and remember not to bounce!!
No sitting trot anymore  : ((