Monday, April 20, 2015

My Shoulder, My Shoulder

Well, this morning my right shoulder when out or whatever it does. 
I've never really had a Dr. see it because it usually gets back into place on it's own if I just let it hang down.
But let me tell you when you move it wrong it's a horrible pain!!
It took me a half hour to get dressed this morning.
I know to "dress the affected arm first".
But it still took forever.
It isn't right yet and it's almost noon.
It's hard getting anything done here because it's my right arm and I'm not good at all with my left!
Of course you can hurt your shoulder at any age so I guess this isn't just about getting old.
It's making me appreciate the rehab that stroke patients have to go through!
Yep, It's Always Something!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's That Upper Respiratory Thing

Yes, I got it almost two weeks ago!
(Not the flu thank goodness)
Just the "common cold and cough"
All is finally getting better except the cough which I think will hang on for awhile.
I'm tired of being sick and tired!!
I was just about to do the pool thing at the rec. center when I got sick, so no fitness classes no nothin'!
Yes, I got a bathing suit!!
That's a whole other story : ))
I'm going to go out to the store for a few things today as I don't think I'm contagious as much anymore.
However the sound of my cough could probably clear an aisle at Walmart!
(I'll try my best not to cough when I'm there!)
Anyway, that is why it's been so long between posts.
I wasn't feeling like doing anything!!
I hadn't had a cold/cough for about 15 years before this one!!
Maybe I was just due.

Hope you guys stay well.