Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Searching For Words

I know I wrote about this before but it is really bothering me lately.
One of the top three really bothersome things about aging is the problem thinking of words when you are trying to talk.
Those of you that have reached this age of perceived dumbness know exactly what I'm talking about.
If your younger and don't have any idea what this is like, count your blessings and keep using your words as much as you can.
It's hard to explain to someone that doesn't know . . . the words are there, but just a little out of your mind's reach.  The harder you try to think of the right word, the further it goes away.
Then when you're least expecting it, the word that you trying to think of an hour ago just pops into your mind!!
Where was it when you needed it??
I have become very aware of this problem the past couple weeks as I try the new app online called Periscope.
It's live video broadcasting.  
People all over the world are involved.
It's fun and very addicting.
I have tried it a few times.  There is no editing yourself.  Your broadcast goes out on the air as you are talking and videoing with your phone.
If you don't know about what it is all about, just download the free app and watch.  
You don't have to broadcast, you can just watch.
The broadcast only stays on for 24 hours in the replay section, then it's gone.
Anyway, doing the few I have done, I see that I have better days than others.
Or maybe better times of day than others.
On the replay I can just see and feel myself searching for the right word I want to use.
It's painful!!
(I feel like shouting, "I used to be smart and articulate!")
Periscope is fascinating to me though and I'm stubborn enough to keep trying.
I'm thinking that maybe if I get more comfortable doing it, that it will be easier.
We'll see.
I really think not being with people and having to talk makes this word problem worse.
My mind can be constantly thinking, going a mile a minute but if you don't actually have to verbalize in sentences, you slowly lose that ability.
And the words go further away.
It's a frightening thought.
I'm not sure if word puzzles or those mind exercises that you can get online help with the actual speaking or not.
Can't hurt I guess.
I think maybe increasing my talking to myself and my dogs may help just as much!
It is just so frustrating.
I know other people have the same problem.
I've heard it when they're talking.
Is there any magic answer?


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  1. The other day I was out and heard someone use the word "thingy" so I know there are more of us out there!